St Johns Ave and Henry St


St Johns Avenue in Gordon is being upgraded between the Pacific Highway and Gordon Station. Improvements to Henry Street are almost complete.

Council will carry out the improvements as outlined in the Delivery Plan.


Our vision is to create a vibrant eat street to promote a night-time economy. The design has been developed in consultation with business owners and the community. The new design will include wider footpaths, outdoor dining, new pavements, street furniture and tree planting. Heritage Square (Stage 2 of the works) will also be revamped so it is more accessible and better integrated into the St Johns Avenue public domain.

The works will be funded through Section 7.11 contributions and the project will be managed by Council.

Construction is underway and the upgrade is expected to be completed mid 2023.

Key features include:

  • Widened footpaths for better pedestrian access.
  • Landscaped terraced areas for outdoor dining.
  • Landings, handrails and seating.
  • Raised pedestrian crossings at Clipsham Lane, Henry Street and Churchill Lane.
  • Improvements to the park, lighting and kiss & ride areas.
  • Improvements to Heritage Square (Stage 2).

Concept design(PDF, 9MB)