Learner drivers

Workshops for supervisors of learner drivers 

These popular workshops assist parents and supervisors with:

  • Understanding the Graduated Licensing Scheme and the current laws of L and P licence holders.
  • Completing the Learner driver log book and App. Understanding the benefits of supervised on-road driving experience.
  • Supervising learner drivers.
  • Young driver issues.
  • The safer drivers course.
  • Lots of tips to help the supervising driver and learner.

August 2024 workshop for supervisors of learner drivers - via Microsoft Teams

Thursday 1 August, 6.30pm to 8pm

Bookings essential and limited.

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Driving sessions for learners

Council is dedicated to improving road safety for its community. To help learner drivers develop good road sense and safe driving habits, Ku-ring-gai Council and the City of Ryde have created a practical resource for young drivers and their supervisors.

The Driving Sessions for Learners is a collection of graded driving routes developed to build skills and confidence in the different situations that young drivers will encounter. The sessions:

  • Increases the learner driver's on-road experience by exposing them to road types and conditions that they may not have encountered as part of their supervised driving practice.
  • Increases skill level with increase in experience, the driving sessions are graded from easy to advanced.
  • Increases experience locally, with three driving sessions in each Local Government area and four longer drives to assist in combating driver fatigue.
  • Complements and supports existing young driver workshops such as the Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers sessions.
  • Is a sustainable, reusable, multi-purpose road safety resource for both learner and supervising drivers.

Getting started

There are some simple things both learner drivers and supervisors can do before starting out. Ensure that:

  • The learner is carrying a learner licence and the supervising driver is carrying a current NSW Driver Licence.
  • The L plates are clearly displayed on the front and back of the outside of the vehicle.
  • You have decided on the route being taken and you are familiar with the route or have reviewed the map.
  • You have discussed the drive and intended outcomes for each session.

Conduct your sessions at different times, on different days of the week, in varying light conditions and traffic volumes. This way you will get as much experience as possible. Remember there is a zero alcohol limit for learner drivers and supervising drivers must be below the legal limit for their licence.

Download driving sessions

Individual driving session maps and information below:


Session 1 - For Starters


Session 2 - Heritage Drive

Session 3 - Main Road Drive

Session 4 - Hills and Bends

Session 5 - Roundabout Drive

Medium to advanced

Session 6 - Pedestrian and Roundabout Drive


Session 7 - Four Bridge Drive

Session 8 - Tunnel Drive

Session 9 - Beach Run

Session 10 - Blue Mountains Discovery Tour



Graduated Licencing Scheme

The Graduated Licensing Scheme (GLS) is the process you follow to go from your learner driver licence through to your full licence. Through experience, restrictions, conditions and tests, the GLS prepares new drivers to be safe and low risk drivers.