Climate Wise Communities

climate wise communities

Climate Wise Communities is an award-winning initiative that builds local community strength and preparedness to extreme weather events such as bushfire, storm, drought and heatwave. It promotes shared responsibility for disaster resilience to individuals, households and communities, as well as emergency management agencies and government.

Prepare your home in 3 easy steps

  1. Complete a Ready Check

    Enter your address into our Ready Check tool and identify key risks to your home.
  2. Make a bushfire plan

    Use the results of your Ready Check to complete the Bushfire Plan on the NSW RFS web page.

    or plan for most types of extreme weather events in Ku-ring-gai with the Red Cross disaster app.

3. Bushfire wise rebate

Once you know your risks claim a rebate to make changes to strengthen your home.

Attend a workshop

Book into an upcoming event on the sustainbility calendar. Including live 3D demonstrations of how a fire would behave in your neighbourhood.

Book a tailored workshop for your local neighbourhood and increase your local resilience to extreme weather events.

Watch a bushfire unfold

Watch our Council expert Dr Jenny Scott as she takes a group of residents through a 3D simulation of a bushfire in Ku-ring-gai. Using our award-winning Simtable.

Workshop resources

If you are unable to complete the Climate Wise Communities Ready Check or attend one of our Bushfire Preparedness workshops, the documents below will assist you in preparing your own neighbourhood plans and activities.

*This resource was funded under the joint State / Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Program. The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the view of the NSW Government.