Estuarine saltmarsh

Estuarine saltmarsh is usually found behind mangroves in tidal areas. Salt-tolerant communities of herbs, grasses, rushes, sedges and reeds provide food and habitat for fish, crabs, birds, molluscs, insects and spiders. Saltmarsh is threatened due to changes in sediment and tidal flow, stormwater run-off, weeds, human disturbance and climate change.

Saltmarsh fact sheet(PDF, 462KB)

Local wildlife

Saltmarsh are important to fish as they provide sources of food, habitat and shelter when inundated at high tide. Crabs are common in saltmarsh communities and are a significant food for several fish species. 

Visit the saltmarsh

In Ku-ring-gai you can find small pockets of saltmarsh in the tidal areas of Middle Harbour, usually around creek outlets such as Northern Creek, Southern Creek, Gordon Creek and Moores Creek.

What can you do?

There’s lots you can do to help preserve saltmarsh:

  • Start a Bushcare group. Call 9424 0811 or email if you’re interested.
  • Report any fox sightings to us.
  • Keep your pets under control and never let them wander in bushland.
  • Never dump rubbish in bushland - penalties apply.
  • Don't walk on saltmarsh - stick to tracks.
  • Never drive vehicles or ride bicycles through saltmarsh.

If you live near the forest, there’s even more you can do to help preserve it:

  • Remove weeds from your garden to stop them spreading into saltmarsh.
  • If you’re using greywater in your garden, use low phosphorus detergents.
  • Install a rainwater tank to minimise excess run-off from your property.

More information

Contact us on 9424 0866 or email