Green waste and clean-up collections


To help residents better manage green waste and recycle some items in the general clean-up collection, changes were made in September 2021.

In summary:

  • Weekly kerbside collection of green waste bin (previously fortnightly).
  • Booked clean-up collections will now include electronic waste, mattresses, metals and whitegoods for recycling.
  • A new booked bulk green waste collection.

Green waste collections 

green waste  

Increased green waste bin collections. Residents can have their green waste bin collected weekly instead of fortnightly.

A new bulk green waste collection will replace the mobile chipping service and the green waste disposal vouchers for fire prone land. This service must be pre-booked and is for tree prunings and branches up to 150 mm in diameter and 1.2m in length. The vegetation will be delivered to the Belrose waste facility for processing into compost and mulches.

This new service is capped at four bookings per property per year.

Booked clean-up collections

clean-up tile  

General clean-up collections will increase from 4 days to 5 days each week. This service will now include the collection of electronic waste, mattresses and metals / whitegoods for recycling.

When making a booking, indicate whether your collection includes electronic waste, mattresses and metals. These materials will be collected separately and recycled.

This new service is capped at four bookings per property per year.

Answers to common questions

Why the changes?

  • Council has a new collection contract with Veolia commencing 6 September 2021.
  • Surveys carried out in 2015 and 2018 informed Council that residents would like more green waste collection services.
  • NSW waste legislation has a state-wide target to recycle 70% of municipal solid waste by 2021. Our current rate is 58%. Recycling more items will help us to reach this target.
  • Ku-ring-gai’s waste strategy adopted in 2020 advised Council would investigate options for the recycling of additional materials (vegetation, metals, e-waste, mattresses).
  • A need to cater for additional green waste disposal from weather events and bushfire preparedness.

Other answers

  • Bin collection days for houses are not changing.
  • A small number of apartment blocks collection days may change. If your address is affected you will be notified in advance.
  • Recycling will remain on a fortnightly collection in line with your regular schedule. Both recycling bins will continue to be collected on the same day.
  • There are no changes to what you place in each of your 4 bins.
  • The option to put out your green waste bin weekly is available to every resident if they choose to do so. There are no additional costs to use this increased service.
  • Mattresses – general clean-up collection will now include the recycling of mattresses. See item list mattresses.
  • Electronic waste – general clean-up collection now includes the recycling of computers, printers, TVs, and stereos. See item list e-waste.  
  • Metals – general clean-up collection now includes a wider range of metals for recycling including whitegoods, exercise equipment, BBQs, bikes, and metal furniture. See item list metals.
  • There will be no increase to the annual waste management charge for standard waste services on property rates. If you have additional green waste bins the annual charge is increased from $150 per annum to $170 per annum per bin from the 1/7/2021.
  • The additional charge for a whitegoods collection has now been removed and this service has been expanded to take a wider range of metals for recycling.

Return of extra green bin/s

Cancellations of additional green waste bins can be made by completing this form. Depending on the number of cancellations received there may be delays in processing these requests.

More information and bookings

or call 9424 0000.