Waterways and catchments

waterways and catchments

The Ku-ring-gai local government area spans three of Sydney's major catchments, encompassing 171km of creeks. The Pacific Highway and Mona Vale Road are an approximate indication of the boundaries.

Lane Cove river catchment to the south-west and the Middle Harbour to the east, drain into Sydney Harbour

To the north, Cowan Creek catchment drains into the Hawkesbury Estuary.

A large proportion of the creeks remain in semi-natural to natural condition in private easements, parkland and bushland reserves. This includes natural banks, intact riparian vegetation and minimal hard engineering. This has a significant impact on the water quality, riparian ecosystems and the receiving environments of Sydney Harbour and the Hawkesbury Estuary.

To help improve the health of our catchment areas, Ku-ring-gai in participating in the two Coastal Management Program (CMP) projects covering our area. 

Coastal Management Programs set the long-term strategy for the management of our coastal environments including our estuaries, lagoons, beaches and their associated catchments.

The two projects we are participating in are:

Wetland communities

In addition to our extensive waterway network, Ku-ring-gai also has two important wetland communities within the local area:

Estuarine Saltmarsh which sits just above the high tide mark in coastal margins.

Coastal Upland Swamp found higher in the catchment on poorly drained sandstone plateaus.

Both are endangered ecological communities and important natural features within Ku-ring-gai’s catchments.

Waterways plans and policies

Water Sensitive City Policy

Biodiversity strategy

Water pollution

If you notice pollution such as sediment, paint or chemicals in a local waterway or see someone dumping rubbish or garden waste into or near a waterway call Council 9424 0000 or email kmc@kmc.nsw.gov.au.

If you notice sewerage in a waterway or overflowing from any infrastructure, contact Sydney Water on 13 20 90.

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