Coastal Upland Swamp

Coastal Upland Swamp features tall scrub, closed heath, sedgeland and fernland in moist soil. Plant species such as Swamp Banksia, Christmas Bells and Woolly-tea Tree thrive in this environment, however, it has been threatened by climate change, fire, land clearing and unauthorised traffic.

Coastal Upland Swamp fact sheet(PDF, 510KB)

Local wildlife

These swamps provide important habitat for a wide variety of birds, mammals, amphibians and invertebrates. Species found locally include the Swamp Wallaby, Brown Antechinus, Grey Fantail, New Holland Honeyeater and Red-crowned Toadlet.

What can you do?

There’s lots you can do to help preserve Coastal Upland Swamp:

If you live near the forest, there’s even more you can do to help preserve it:

  • Plant some of the forest’s native species, such as Woolly-tea Tree, Red Spider Flower and Scented Paperbark, in your garden. This will help attract birds, mammals and butterflies.
  • Remove weeds from your own garden to stop them spreading into the swamp.
  • If you’re using greywater in your garden, use low phosphorus detergents.

More info

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