Waste information translated

Units and apartments waste and recycling information brochures

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waste-brochure-in-chinese(PDF, 3MB)     waste brochure in korean(PDF, 3MB)
Chinese traditional    Chinese simplified   Korean 



waste recycle right poster blue(PDF, 2MB)        waste recycle right poster yellow(PDF, 3MB)
Paper and cardboard   Mixed recycling 


waste banner blue

Use our online form for recycling posters in units:

Apply for recycling posters in units

Paper and cardboard recycling

  • Large poster size 4000mm x 1000mm.
  • Medium poster 1000mm x 400mm.

waste banner yellow

Mixed recycling

  • Large poster size 4000mm x 1000mm.
  • Medium poster 1000mm x 400mm.

Please contact Council to order these posters at wasteservices@kmc.nsw.gov.au.

Recycling tips

recycle right recycling tips cardboard poster(PDF, 5MB)        recycle right remove plastic bags poster(PDF, 2MB)
Cardboard recycling tips   No plastic bags in bins



waste poster book a collection(PDF, 4MB)

Booked collection for large waste items

Outdoor signage for bin bays

Recycling information in Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean and Japanese - blue and yellow recycling bins(PDF, 798KB)

chinese waste blue and yellow(PDF, 798KB)

Simplified waste and recycling poster Chinese

Waste & Recycling poster translated Chinese (blue & yellow recycling bin lids)(PDF, 613KB)

Simplified waste and recycling poster Korean

Waste & Recycling poster translated Korean (blue & yellow recycling bin lids)(PDF, 607KB)

Cleanup poster Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Korean and Japanese

Cleanup poster translated(PDF, 237KB)